Maintaining the Dignity of Every Client

We’re committed to helping our clients recognize their value beyond the things they surround themselves with.


NYC Hoards is different because we look beyond the chaos. We understand that behind the years of clutter is a person with a story, feelings, and memories attached to the things in their home, no matter how meaningless they may seem to an outsider.

Locating things that matter to a person, knowing where things are when you need them, using what you have

With this in mind, we take a compassionate approach and treat each client and their space with the dignity they deserve, helping them clear the clutter so they have a new beginning.


A partnership with NYC Hoards begins with a consultation. This usually happens when a concerned family member or friend reaches out on behalf of a loved one struggling with a hoarding situation. We offer 24/7 support and communication, as we understand the gravity of the situation and that time is of the essence in extreme hoarding situations.

Project Completion

After disposing of garbage, cleaning up hazardous waste per guidelines, and donating any goods,we'll organize what's left and give the home or apartment a comprehensive once-over clean.

Assisting in putting away leftover things where they will be most useful

While our goal is to help our clients set healthy new boundaries, we also recognize that hoarding tendencies don't easily subside. We offer follow-up services and additional hoard cleanups for returning clients when necessary, judgment free.


Following our site visit, we'll put together a customized quote and timeline its emergency situations it’s a mater of getting everyone on board quickly

Site Visit

After a phone consultation, our owner and project manager will visit the site. During this visit,we'll assess the area and take photos and speak to the referring parties and the homeowner or tenant. We aim to make the client feel at ease and that we are on their side, helping them to start valuing memories over things.

Cleaning Day

Our team will arrive on site ready to work the job to completion day job. We bring all necessary cleaning materials, supply dumpsters, and manage haul-off processess to your door step, quick and discreetly. Our capabilities include assisting in cleaning hazardous waste if required. We involve the client in the process as much as possible to help alleviate anxiety and form new perceptions about their relationship with the items they buy and keep.

What To Expect with an NYC Hoards Cleanup

  • We encourage our clients to be active participants in the process. We have a team member stay with the client at all times and share insights with them on the value of letting go of things that no longer serve them.


  • We use quick logic-based decision-making when determining whether or not to dispose of an item, removing much of the anxiety for the client.


  • We use sustainable practices throughout our cleanup process. This comes in the form of using sustainable ways of relocating garbage by using bins instead of bags, using dumpsters and local dump sites to elevate gas and travel cost. Coordinating donating items that are salvageable to local organizations or offering them for free at the tenant’s choice.


  • We also are licensed and trained in bio-hazardous waste disposal and cleanup, offering peace of mind for all involved.

Do You Know an Extreme Hoarder Who Needs a New Lease on Life?

Contact us today for a confidential consultation to give your loved one a clean slate and a fresh start.